Walk to the Lighthouse Bowen

When: Saturday 31st August, 2019
Where: Meet at Dalrymple Point

Once or twice per year, during winter, the day time tides become low enough for a special event to occur – Bowen’s Walk to the Lighthouse!

The lighthouse is located one kilometre from the Bowen mainland at the entrance to the Port Dension on North Head Island. Built in 1866 it’s one of Queensland’s oldest lighthouses and was extinguished 1985 with the original lens transported to the Bowen Historical Museum. In 2017, this six sided wooden tower lighthouse, was restored by community groups to ensure it’s maintained for future generations.

What you need to know about the Walk to the Lighthouse –

This years walk is scheduled for Saturday the 31s to August at 4:32pm with a low tide of 0.18m.

If you are intending to walk to the lighthouse and return it is advised that you depart approximately one hour prior to the low tide mark and return at the low tide point. Another option is to walk part way or explore the shallows around the point on the mainland, or just stay close to shore and enjoy the atmosphere in the event grounds.

Departing the mainland, Lighthouse walkers will follow an exposed sand spit in a curving path towards the North Head Island. First time walkers should note that your feet will get a little wet and it’s suggested to wear reef boots or old sneakers. It’s suggested that you follow the first groups to leave the mainland, who chances are they will be locals and know the way.

All walkers should be reminded that the ‘walk’ is at your own risk, and that care and attention should be given to your fitness, suitability and tide times. Always be mindful of your surroundings and show care for our natural environment. Along with appropriate footwear, it is also suggested to take water, wear sunscreen and sunglasses, and remember a light jacket if there is a breeze. Don’t forget to take a camera to capture this once a year occurrence!

For more information and planning please visit Tourism Bowen before participating.

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